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Stock Trainer

2-5 years



Conduct engaging and interactive training sessions, workshops, and seminars.Providing mentorship and guidance for effective training delivery.Create educational materials to supplement the training programs.Stay updated with the latest market trends and incorporate real-time insights into the training content.Evaluate trainee progress and provide feedback.Build and maintain strong client relationships.Identify opportunities for continuous improvement in training programs.Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and ethical practices.


2-3 years of experience in stock market trading, investments, and portfolio management.Proven track record in delivering training and managing a team.In-depth knowledge of stock market concepts and financial instruments.Excellent communication skills in English and Hindi.Strong leadership and team management abilities.Analytical mindset and problem-solving skills.Passion for sharing knowledge and empowering others.Proficiency in technology and content creation.If you are a seasoned stock market professional with a passion for educating and guiding aspiring traders and investors, we invite you to apply for the Stock Market Trainer position.Join our team in Kochi and make a significant impact in the world of financial education.

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